This trailer meets a demand to transport bales in an efficient manner, in line with our new legislation. The construction of the trailers is a unique concept. The entire trailer is modular in construction. The frame, the cover plates and the hydraulic fences consist of parts of 1.30 mtr. Due to this construction formula, trailers from 5.20 - 10.40 meters can be specified.

All trailers are equipped with air brakes and LED lighting. The Tjalma bale wagons are standard with 600/50 R22.5 tires. This tire provides a large load capacity on land and provides a lot of stability during transport. Maximum payload of this trailer is 23,000 kilos. Both gates can be operated independently of each other in order to be able to load and unload properly on the left and right. There is also the option to load two rows of bales against the fence from one side.

This trailer makes the use of lashing straps unnecessary. This saves an enormous amount of time and reduces the risk of accidents during transport. In addition to bales transport, the trailer is also very suitable for the transport of potato crates, among other things.

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