Our company

In 1970 Mr. S. Tjalma was given the opportunity to take over a bicycle repair shop in Niekerk. Mr. S. Tjalma did this and thus S. Tjalma BV was created. In 1972 the opportunity arose to take over the mechanization company De Vries from Grijpskerk. This made Tjalma a mechanization company with 2 locations, Grijpskerk and Niekerk, until 1978. In 1978 Tjalma moved to the current location Oldekerk and in 1999 Tjalma took over Oosterhof in Grijpskerk. Tjalma continued to develop and started importing machines in 2006. Due to the demand for special machines for manure processing, Tjalma started developing, designing and producing its own slurry injectors and manure pumps in 2004. Tjalma first worked together with 2 external companies. Since 2009, Tjalma has been drawing and designing its own machines. Since 2015, Tjalma has been producing and selling under its own name Tjalma. Today these machines are sold worldwide.

The company Tjalma Drachten BV has been located in Drachten since September 1, 2019. Previously, the company was located in Oldekerk, where Tjalma's mechanization branch is also located. This has now been separated by producing the machines in Drachten. The company has 22 employees and a welding robot.
Tjalma supplies slurry machines for various crops and also produces machines for road construction. The machines are often made in consultation with the customer. In this way, the machine can meet all customer requirements.



To provide our customers with the best possible service with high-quality products that comply with legislation and a good service.
This builds a good relationship for the longer term.


Creating innovative products to make work as easy as possible for the customer. In doing so, respond to enlargement and precision agriculture