Swing Over G2

The Swing-Over has been developed for drag hosing. The current Swing-Over G2 series is a development of the first series of Swing-Overs. The purpose of the arm is to always be able to fertilize with the discs on the ground. When pulling the hose, it is important that the tractor optimally converts its weight into pulling power. A good draw line is very important here. In addition, precise fertilization is becoming increasingly important. Optionally, in combination with a front tank reel and remote control, the injector can control his section closure on GPS. This can even be extended to automatic fertilizer application.


  • Swing-over 1-piece
    The Tjalma drag hose injectors up to 9,375 meters working width can be equipped with a fixed Swing-over arm. This prevents the hose from getting under the injector. It is also possible to partially steer and move the hose in the field with the swing-over arm.


  • Swing-over 2-part
    All Tjalma drag hose injectors can be equipped with a 2-part Swing-over arm as recuired. This works fully automatically on headlands and can also be operated by the driver if necessary. This allows the driver to steer and move the hose in the field. Because the Swing-over can buckle hydraulically, it is more convenient in the field and compact during transport.