Tjalma hosereels also supplies standard hydraulically driven hose reels in several versions. The hose reels are suitable for the front and rear hitches of tractors. The reels are available from large to small and suitable for all types of transport and tow hoses.

Hoses and Storz couplings

All types and sizes of transport and drag hoses for a drag hose system are available at Tjalma. All matching hose couplings, grommets, hose connectors and keys are also available from over. We supply hoses and couplings of the highest quality and with the least internal resistance. When you choose hoses from Tjalma you increase your operational reliability and save costs.

Hose bridge

Where is crossed during the long tow slurry a field across a public road, a hose bridge Tjalma is the solution. This hose bridge consists of several plastic segments. This makes the bridge easy to move. Because the bridge is provided with extra strips at the top, there is always grip.