Tool carrier

The tool carrier is a unique concept, with many expansion options.

The tool carrier makes it possible to change different tools on one and the same frame. The slide bar and the parallelograms remain on the machine. The different tools can be changed with a quick change on the parallelograms. The tools are quickly and conveniently secured with two bolts. The machine is available in widths from 3-12 meters.

The tools that can often be used:

  • Hood sprayer

The row sprayer has fully adjustable stainless steel hoods with an extremely smart anti-drip system. The plants go between the hoods, and the weeds are under the hood. The hoods can be individually adjusted in width so that spraying can still be done until late in the growing season. Due to the design of the hood, any lying foliage is no problem

  • Hoe

Very conceivable hoe can fit behind the parallelogram of this machine. Each crop has its own hoeing requirement. It is also possible to mount additional wheel mark eradicators. Due to the design of the hood, any lying foliage is no problem.

  • Sowing elements
    There is also a possibility to attach sowing elements. Possibly with discs or just a deflector plate for under-sowing.

With the mounted machine behind the tractor, we have the option of placing a seed tank, fertilizer tank or liquid tank on top of the frame. If necessary, the machine can be completely adapted to your wishes.