Rear loader

The rear loader is an alternative to a front loader, telehandler, shovel or off-road forklift. The advantages over a front loader: it lifts a little closer (about 2 meters from the center of the rear axle) and carries the weight on the large rear tires instead of the smaller front wheels. The sprung, swinging front axle is not loaded, but is lifted on the solid, rigid rear axle. Finally, the combination with the 'rear wheels' steers, just like a forklift does. That makes the combination more manoeuvrable than a front loader tractor.

With the telescopic arm, the rear loader reaches 4 meters high. Without that option, the charger still reaches more than three meters high. Because there is no tractor nose underneath, as with a front loader, you can drive short on a mixer wagon and the like. The rear loader lifts 3,500 kg to a height of 4 meters and weighs 1,405 kg by itself. There is a hydraulic parallel guide and a third function, and possibly a tow bar to pull a bale trailer.