• Wide view due to compact construction.
    Safe transport on public roads and handy for use in the field. The compact fold of the machine has several advantages. The Tjalma FTH Front tank reel, with its reel diameter of 1.70 meters and a width of 2.70 meters, is almost the same size as a hose reel. However, the machine is considerably more compact than current front buffer tanks.

  • More than sufficient capacity
    The Tjalma FTH front tank reel uses the space that would otherwise remain unused. In the heart of the hose reel there is room for no less than 2 cubic meters of slurry. Practice shows that there is room for about 800 meters of manure hose on the reel. The Tjalma FTH-Front tank reel thus meets the wishes and quirements set by professional contractors. Using the latest design software, the machine is fully up to the task. Very strong yet lightweight. The Tjalma FTH front tank reel can also be coupled very close to the tractor. Due to the net weight of only 1,200 kg and the compact attachment, both the soil and the tractor are saved in the field and during transport.