Pump unit

The Tjalma pump unit is a pump unit mounted in rear hitch. The tractor for the pump unit can therefore take a hose reel in the front hitch, making it possible to drag hose with a 2 man system. The Tjalma pump unit is standard equipped with a Bauer SX1000 slurry pump. This slurry pump is characterized by a very closed construction, the special shape of the pump housing and the impeller in the pump. The pump speed is therefore relatively low. An extreme pump capacity of up to 280 cubic meters of manure per hour, with low fuel consumption.


  • Mixing water in the right place
    When the manure needs to be made more homogeneous or thinner, it is often necessary to add water to the manure. With the Tjalma  slurry pump, the water is added before the turbo filler. As a result, the water and manure are very well mixed and logically less water is needed per cubic meter of slurry.
  • Standard filling turbo
    The Bauer SX1000 slurry pump is provided with a continuous slurry supply by means of the standard filling turbo, which means there is always pre-pressure on the slurry pump. This increases the capacity considerably and the slurry pump is always completely filled with slurry. The filling turbo is controlled by tractor hydraulics to maintain the correct inlet pressure on the Bauer pump. For the filling turbo, the water is mixed in to get the correct slurry thickness. Fuel consumption is low due to this system.
  • High volume of fertilizer due to deaeration system
    The pump unit is fitted with a deaeration system as standard. The deaeration system pushes the air out of the manure, giving the manure a higher volume. This ensures more manure in the hoses so that a higher capacity can be achieved.